The Dutch Time/Bank Network

A network of cultural institutions in the Netherlands

Parallel micro economy based on trust and solidarity as a response to the current distrust of existing financial and economic systems and the radical cuts in art funding

Time/Bank The Hague

Time/Bank is an initiative by Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda and is a perfect match with the Stroom program Upcycling which investigates new perspectives in the creation of value and meaning. The launch of Time/Bank was accompanied by a number of special events, including a symposium, workshops and the opening of Time/Store Den Haag.

The Dutch branch of Time/Bank is part of a network of cultural institutions and companies. They will accept the Time/Bank Hour Notes when you buy a ticket or when purchasing something in their restaurants of bookstores.

Partcipating institutions:

-Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory

-Mondriaan Fonds

-Het Nutshuis

-NAi - The Netherlands Architecture Institute

-NAiM/Bureau Europa

-The Naked

-these sides UP


-Witte de With