Lilian Stolk


Paying with 'hour notes'

An interesting alternative economic system, which is used in Dutch art scene.


Time Bank - hour notes - Lawrence Weiner


Anton Vidokie and Julieta Aranda


Time Bank is a tool by which a group of people can create an alternative economic model where they exchange their time and skills, rather than acquire goods and services through the use of money or any other state-backed value. Every Time/Bank transaction will allow individuals to request, offer, and pay for services in 'hour notes'.

Time/Bank is founded in New York, but has a worldwide community online. In May 2011, Stroom Den Haag introduced Time/Bank in The Netherlands. The initiative offers the cultural sector alternatives to the production and presentation of art or realizing of cultural heritage. They opened a Time/Store and even a Time/Restaurant, where you only can pay with hour notes, designed by Lawrence Weiner. More events of Time/Bank Stroom

Read more of the Dutch branch of Time/Bank as a part of a network of cultural institutions and companies.