Uienfeest documentary maker wins Prix Circom

International prize for regional television programs

The tv series about the onion surplus made by Ron Flens for RTV Noord-Holland won the Prix Circom. Last year Ron's brother Jo, a farmer from Texel, donated 250,000 onions to our Over Datum Eetclub Onion Fest. All weekend chefs prepared onion pizza and soup, and people could come pick up the onions for free. Find out more on RTV Noord-Holland's website. You can also view the series there.

Over Datum Eetclub was a series of dinners during which we challenged the Food Safety Authority. Resistance against the demonization of expired, but irresistibly good food. Find out more here.


Drukte op het Uien Feest - Vele mensen kwamen naar de opening van het Uien Feest op Oostenburgereiland. Simone Schoutens