Open call Drone Camping

Drone enthousiasts, join us!

This summer Mediamatic Fabriek will be open up on fixed hours for drone, UAV and UAS users to come in and fly around our 1000 sqm exhibition space.


2 Parrot AR 2 Drones in the sky - Parrot are commercial and affordable drones for the rest of us. They have HD video on board and are controlles via an iPhone of iPad. Photo by Nicholas Halftermeyer found on Wikimedia

Open Call

We welcome drone users, amateurs, professionals, builders, creators and hackers to fly during the Drone Camping exhibition.
If you are into drones, UAV or UAS and want to be a part of the Drone Camping, don't hesitate to contact us with your proposal, suggestions or ideas. Leave your reaction on the bottom of this page or send an e-mail to tibor [at]

Free Flying hours

Next to the exhibition of works by Rob Sweere, Jimmy Cauty and Sarah van Sonsbeeck, Mediamatic will open it's exhibition space for drone, multicopter, UAV and UAS users to come and fly, meet, build, fix and repair their airborne vehicles.
We will communicate the flying hours as soon as possible to avoid any disappointments and miscommunications. There will be fixed times, so the people flying won't have to worry about accidentally hitting the visitors.

Drone Camping

The exhibition consists of works of Rob Sweere, James Cauty and Sarah van Sonsbeeck. All works relate to the subject of a future world filled with impulses, noise, radiation and distress. Read more about their works and the exhibition here.