Social RFID Hacker Camp ’09

Mediamatic and you are taking hacking and Social RFID use to a higher level

18 sep 2009
22 sep 2009

The Mediamatic Social RFID Hacker Camp explores various recent technologies like RFID, physical computing and social networking but also looks into aspects of interaction design and interactive processes. The aim of the Hacker Camp is to realize engaging interactive installations, wearables, spaces and places for the visitors of PICNIC to play with. If you don't know what PICNIC is: PICNIC is an outstanding high-profile conference at the intersection of media, technology, the arts and entertainment.


Mediamatic Social RFID Hackers camp @ PICNIC 2008 -


We collect a group of excellent coders, (interaction) designers, roboticians and physical computeers that know how to enjoy a creative and technical challenge. This year a group of researchers and students from MIT will participate as well, creating an even more interesting and high-leveled atmosphere. You can also apply for this years Hacker Camp, more information about this will follow below.


It's a pleasure to work together with versatile and creative people on innovative projects and for Mediamatic it's all about the DIY attitude towards our technological environment. We think it's important to understand the technologies that surround us also practically, to be able to explore and develop their cultural and social potential.

How and what?

Technical starting points are the possibilities of anyMeta, the semantic CMS built by Mediamatic Lab in which the online social network environment picnicnetwork and are built.
 And the use of RFID technology. We will have a huge amount of Mifare RFID readers and (ik) tags. Guests to PICNIC will all receive an RFID (ik) tag that directly connects to their profile page in the picnicnetwork.
We also have all kinds of Arduino boards, Xbee's, sensors, and all the other necessary electronics and building materials to play and experiment with.


The Hacker Camp ’09—1 are five feverish days from 18 till 22 of september 2009. 5 days long, 24 hrs a day. So whatever the hackers' most creative and productive hours of the day are, they could use them. PICNIC will take place from September 23th to 25th 2009.


On the terrain of the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, where PICNIC also takes place. The exact Hacker Camp location will be decided soon.


If you want to participate you have to have some of the following skills: programming, soft and hardware developing, robotics, artificial intelligence, interaction- and product design. But we might also need some people with other creative and artistic approaches like artists, graphic designers (with knowledge of CSS, Ajax, etc.) and web designers.

How to apply

You can apply for the Hacker Camp by sending your resumé and portfolio to Deborah Meibergen: We will add you to our long-list and decide as soon as possible if you will be on our short-list.


Price for participation is € 1250 excl. 19 % VAT (unless we invite you) and needs to be paid a month before the camp starts.
This includes the fantastic experience of this camp, the use of all the available technology and materials, expanding your knowledge and an opportunity to network with the best and most interesting people from this field in a stimulating atmosphere.