Myco Design Lab Exhibition

Open Monday-Friday

18 sep 2014
15 nov 2014

In 2012 Mediamatic initiated the Paddestoelen Paradijs exhibition and started exploring the world of mushrooms, fungi and bacteria through art, design projects and lectures. Through an open call we invited artists and designers to participate in the Myco Design Lab, a project developed in collaboration with the laboratory of the University of Utrecht and Officina Corpuscoli. Come and see the preliminary results of the participating artists at Mediamatic Fabriek.

Open Monday - Friday 10:00-17:00


Myco Design Lab Exposition - Participating artists of Myco Design Lab show their mycelium designs at Mediamatic Fabriek. Malcolm Kratz


Fungi are organisms that have an enormous cultural potential we are only just starting to discover. Some people even claim that they will help humanity save the world. We explore the use of fungi as a source of new natural bio-materials that can replace many synthetics during the course of the 21st century. Besides material potential, these organisms also play an important role in our food systems, as well as having great symbolical value. That's why we like to work with them on many levels.

At the Myco Design Lab Exhibition you can witness the tangible results of this research for yourself, where fungal mycelium is being explored in many different forms and shapes, envisioning possible future applications. By using a set of displays we present the ongoing research and experimental processes of the current open call participants, and invite further creative actors to take active part in the development of new alternatives and related applications.

Participating artists


The project MycoTEX by Aniela Hoitink is concerned with researching how the combination of textile and mycelium could result in a completely novel material. Can you control the growth of mycelium and the flexibility of the resulting composite material? Come see the results for yourself!


MycoTEX tests - by Aniela Hoitink

Transparancy and Mycelium

With her Mycelium Project, Caroline de Roy explores the possibilities of developing mycelium materials, by analysing aspects which relate to transparency and network-like structures. The results of her experiments and investigations into transparency are beautifully shown at the exhibition.


Transparent mutant shaped - Transparant mutant shaped mycelium from the project of Caroline de Roy at the Myco Design Lab.

Growing shoes

Growing Shoes is a project by Kristel Cojak, where she tries to find the possibilities of employing fungi for the development of victim-less, natural shoes. The exhibition presents a shoe-sample, clearly showing her process and adopted technique.


Growing shoe - The process of a shoe covered with mycelium

Mycelium fur

Artist Mandy den Elzen is working in the Myco Design Lab on a Mycelium Fur Project; her objective is to understand if and how mycelium-materials could become a replacement for animal fur. To this end, she aims to create fluffy-like, mycelium-based new materials.


Mandy den Elzen - Process of mycelium experiment to be a replaceable product for fur. Mandy den Elzen

Myco-Rainbow Warriors

Artists Rosalie Bak and Marieke Broertjes are currently developing the Myco-Rainbow Warriors project, through which they explore the possibilities for producing a variety of different coloured mycelium-materials. Their current coloured achievements can be witnessed at the Myco Lab Exposition.


Myco-Rainbow Warriors - Colourful Mycelium Rosalie Bak, Marieke Broertjes, Malcolm Kratz

The Growing Lab

The Growing Lab - Mycelia is a project by studio Officina Corpuscoli | Maurizio Montalti. Maurizio is currently designing and producing a variety of everyday objects, by employing fungal organisms and mycelium-based materials, as an alternative to traditional plastics, aiming to tangibly demonstrate the possibility of replacing such harmful materials. Furthermore The Growing Lab suggests and explores the generation of better and economically sustainable production possibilities, transforming current existing paradigms, by shifting from the traditional concept of industrial production towards an innovative model, rooted in cultivation. Some of these naturally grown ‘everyday objects ’can be seen at Mediamatic Fabriek.


Growing Lab - Mycelium binder - growing objects 1 ©Officina Corpuscoli | Maurizio Montalti Maurizio Montalti


Entrance: €5,- for a valid membership (5 euro for 9 weeks). By buying a membership you can also take a look at our Aquaponics systems during working hours (mon - fri 10:00 - 17:00). And visit the Kunstformen der Natur exhibition (wed - sun 13:00 - 18:00).

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