Quantum transportation and vintage Fly

Weird Science with Tim Taminiau

23 okt 2014

If you could teleport today, where would you go?
It might seem far fetched, but in this day and age teleportation is a serious topic of research instead of speculation. In fact, researchers at the Quantum Transport Team from the TU Delft successfully teleported quantum information across a 3 meter distance!

At Weird Science we will put things in perspective. By combining a Pop-Science lecture by scientist Tim Taminiau with the screening of the classic sci-fi movie The Fly (1958), we can envision the possibilities and pitfalls of teleportation. Food at 19:00 - talk and screening at 20:00.

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Fly-Human hybrid after teleportation fuck-up (may not be scientifically accurate). - the first version of The Fly was released in 1958. Directed by Kurt Neumann it featured David Henson, Patricia Owens and Vincent Price.


As part of the "Quantum Transport Team" led by Ronald Hanson (TU Delft), Tim Taminiau investigates novel quantum mechanical phenomena in nanometer-scale structures. For those without a doctorate in physics, this is teleportation on the level of single atoms. They aim to find fundamental breakthroughs and its possible applications - for instance in quantum computing. For this evening, Tim will present an informal lecture on teleportation. With the assistance of a classic sci-fi movie, Tim will explore the exciting possibilities and common misconceptions surrounding his cutting-edge research . No prior knowledge needed! Tim will explain it all. Interested in the Quantum Transport Team's work? Check out this New York Times article about their recent research.


Thursday October 23rd
Diner at 19:00
Talk starts at 20:00 (followed by the movie screening)
Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC-kade 10, Amsterdam

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