Rein Beer Fest

2 Days of Minimalistic Pilsners and German Purity Laws

In the weekend 0f the 23rd and 24th of April we will celebrate the existence of 500 years of Reinheitsgebot with a program filled with tastings, talks, nerd meetings, a beer brunch, masterclass and a wild herb hunting tour. How does this German Beer Purity Law relate to the current craft of beer brewing? What is its impact on beer diversity? And can or should we all be trying to break these rules?

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The Rein Beer Fest is co-curated by Henriëte Waal, Jan Lemmens and Mediamatic.


Rein Beer Fest - The Rein Beer Fest is a festival honoring 500 years of Reinheitsgebot. daan proost, Willem Velthoven

April 23

Saturday we will follow the strict rules of the Reinheitsgebot with a Nerd Meeting with brew-experts and fanatics and 3 different Tastings/Talks covering the topics of: For the Love of Pils, Bierpolizei and German Style Brewing (with at least 9 different beers to taste over the course of the evening!)

With: Bart van Kleef, Rick Kempen, Sander Nederveen (Oedipus), Pim Bosch (De Leckere), Jan Lemmens (De Bierkoning), Edo van Bree, Kees Filius, Henriette Waal, Mattias Terpstra (Brouwerij Katjelam) and Arno Coenen (Eurotrash Brewery)

April 24

On Sunday we will take an alternative route and swap the traditional hops for wild yeast, herbs and other exotic ingredients. Starting with a Wild Herb Hunting Tour through the city of Amsterdam, followed by a Beerbrunch by our chefs Thorwald Voss and Scott Fisher*** and a Tasting/Talk on the Forgotten Beer History of brewing with herbs. With of course plenty for you to taste.

With: De Onkruidenier, Jonmar van Vlijmen, Erik Bouman (Klein Duimpje), Henriette Waal, Tommie Sjef Koenen and Ton Zijp.


€10,00 per Tasting/Talk | €30,- for a 2 day Passe-partout**
** Incl, the Nerd Meeting, 4 Tasting/Talks and the Wild Herb Hunting

***Tickets for the Beer Brunch will be added next week.
On the menu: Pancake with Chickpea Beer Meringue and Poached Goose Egg with Spinach, Beer Hollandaise, Toast and Truffle Oil.

You can sign up for the Nerd Meeting and Wild Herb Hunting by sending a mail to

Rein Beer Fest
Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th April
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam
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