Atlas of the Conflict

Israel-Palestine - Book launch

21 dec 2010

Along the book launch/party, a series of short statements about the topics raised by the book; on the roles and relationships between spatial planning, architecture, activism, politics, aesthetics, and geopolitical practice, with Henk Ovink (Director of National Spatial Development, MinIenM), Willem Velthoven (Mediamatic), Malkit Shoshan and Nat Muller. December 21, 8 pm at Mediamatic Bank.


Atlas of the Conflict Israel-Palestine by Malkit Shoshan - Atlas of the Conflict Israel-Palestine, Malkit Shoshan, 010 Publishers 2010

The book

The Atlas of the Conflict maps the processes and mechanisms behind the shaping of Israel-Palestine over the past 100 years. Over 500 maps and diagrams provide a detailed territorial analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, explored through themes such as borders, settlements, land ownership, archaeological and cultural heritage sites, control of natural resources, landscaping, wars and treaties. A lexicon, drawing on many different information sources, provides a commentary on the conflict from various perspectives. As a whole, the book offers insights not only into the specific situation of Israel-Palestine, but also into the phenomenon of spatial planning used as a political instrument.


The author

Malkit Shoshan , (Haifa, 1976) is an Israeli architect. Shoshan is the founder and director of the Amsterdam based architectural think tank FAST (the Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory). Her work explores and highlights the relations between architecture, planning, politics and activism, amongst other, in Israel/Palestine, Georgia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, and the Netherlands. Shoshan is currently developing her Phd dissertation at TU Delft. Her research and projects have been published and exhibited internationally in magazines such as Volume, Abitare, and venues such as the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Venice Art Biennale, and the Rotterdam Biennale.

010 Publishers
Design:  Studio Joost Grootens
Text editor: Jane Szita
Maps and diagrams: Malkit Shoshan
Additional research and mapping:
Daniela Bellelli, Vitala Tauz and Lucas Zoutedijk

The publication was made possible thanks to the generous support of the FBKVB, and the Netherlands Architecture Fund

For further information contact: FAST, info[at]

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010 publishers / Ester Martens
Watertorenweg 180 / 3063 HA Rotterdam / The Netherlands
tel +31 (0)10 4 333 509

Books will be available for purchase during the event in a discount.