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Golden GM Silk, Smelly Scent-Scapes and Fungal Design

Imagine huge blankets of genetically modified silks that can absorb reactor meltdown by-products at nuclear accident sites. Or how about the creation of a "l'odeur de Amsterdam" made from distilled samples found in our urban environment. Or perhaps you are more interested in the development of an integrated food and design system where you use fish and plants, or fungi?

New workshops coming up!


Distilling Found objects - Olfactory artist and performer Klara Ravat will join Mediamatic for an Artist in Residency program where she will try to capture the smell of Amsterdam. Klara Ravat


26 Aug .- The Alchemy of Silk
Together with bio-art pioneer Joe Davis (US) you will learn how to bio-mineralize your own silk fibers with metallic gold and by doing so generate materials with unprecedented properties for both art and fashion, as well as for novel scientific applications.
Tickets: €45,- artist, student, freelancers / €65,- regular

3 Sept. - The Scent of Amsterdam
Join olfactory artist Klara Ravat (DU) on a smell-walk through Amsterdam. Where you will collect samples from plants, water and places and collectively distill the scent of Amsterdam in Mediamatic Bio Clean Lab.
Tickets: €37,50 artist, students, freelancers /€55,- regular

3 Sept. - Aquaponics, urban farm design
Learn how to build your own mini aquaponics system. A sustainable food production system that combines the cultivation of vegetables and fish.
Tickets: €102,- artist, students, freelancers / €145,- regular

10 Sept. - Basic Myco Design, The art of growing Mushrooms
During this introduction course you will learn how to cultivate the Oyster Mushroom at home and take your first steps in the field of Bio-Design.
Tickets: €28,- artist, students, freelancers / €40,- regular

Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam
Please bring your student card or proof of KVK to the workshop of you bought a ticket for the artist, student and freelancers price.

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