Secretopia: sexual liberation and bodily taboo’s

Wetlands movie discussion

13 feb 2017

During this night we covered some feminist angles on the movie Wetlands. When the book, and later the movie, came out a lot of people were shocked by its explicit and convention-breaking content. According to a review; we all need God.

The event was free of charge.


Film still from the movie Wetlands (2013) -

What makes the film so shocking in the eyes of some? Is it erotic (and for whom)? What role does Helen’s mental (in)stability play in our understanding of her sexuality? How does Wetlands present the role of “hygiene” in sexuality?

In this coming of age film Helen Memel, the 18-year old protagonist finds herself in hospital due to a shaving incident. During her stay she committedly plots trying to reunite her divorced parents. The film flashes between the present and past revealing her eccentricity.

Mediamatic started its new programme series Secretopia! In this series we’ll be exploring human secretions, the stuff that comes out of your body. We kicked off with this discussion of the German movie Wetlands [Feuchtgebiete, 2013].

Secretopia Wetlands
Language: German / Subtitles: English
Monday 13 February
We start at 19:00 in the Haeckelroom
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Free entrance