Secretopia: From sci-fi to reality

Fantastic Voyage movie discussion

14 mrt 2017

Science fiction often invents devices before science does. This also goes for the movie Fantastic Voyage [1966] where a shrunken ship with crew enters a human body and moves around through the bloodstream, to surgically remove a blood clot. During this night we zoomed in on how Fantastic Voyage has been an inspiration for scientists to create new techniques for curing diseases.

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Fantastic Voyage - Still from the movie Fantastic Voyage - Taken from Fantastic Voyage (1966) Directed by Richard Fleischer

The special effects may have dated, as have the Cold War themes, but the almost real time adventure still has some tension to offer. The movie has a colourful psychedelic set design full of blobby globs and jellyfish like molecules. It is an absolute cult classic.

Secretopia is Mediamatic's new programme series that focusses on secretions, the stuff that comes out of your body.


Secretopia Fantastic Voyage
Language: English / Subtitles: None
Tuesday 14 March
Start 19:00 in the Haeckelroom
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Free entrance