Slum Sessions #4

How to play together

18 dec 2012

We had another productive Slum Sessions, sharing proposals and envisioning collaborations for our Freezing Favela. We also discussed the rules of play for our next session where we will game to understand who can go where.


Getting to know each other - We warmed ourselves with a delicious cup of soup during Slum Sessions #4. Many used this opportunity to talk with others who could potentially collaborate with their projects. Tomer Gal

A community drives a favela forward. During this session, each participant presented their background and ideas for the Freezing Favela and we began to imagine who will do what and how. Naturally we found exciting overlaps in interest and participants had a chance to talk to others who can complement their proposals with relevant insights and skill sets.


Sketching the future of the Freezing Favela - Willem Velthoven discusses dimensions while standing next to the Mediamatic Fabriek maquette. Tomer Gal

We were eager to start our Play the City game but barely noticed the time pass as we warmed ourselves with soup and shared our dreams for the future of the favela. Towards the end of the session we discussed the rules of the play which we will use in our next session. We now have an idea of who and what and we will be gaming during the next Slum Session to better understand the where and how of things. What space will your proposal occupy? Would you prefer to be readily available to the public or safely nested in a back corner? The game - which will be played at least three times - should help us see where it is most advantageous to place a project. It should also help address conflicts before they occur in reality.


Sharing ideas - The community of a favela relies on each other. In this photo, architect John Lonsdale is bouncing off ideas with social designer Sjoerd ter Borg. Tomer Gal

Slum Sessions #4 saw a lot of new faces with creative proposals for our favela which you can now view online. It is also still possible to add a new proposal although this is not necessary to be involved in our Freezing Favela project. Existing proposals ask for collaboration from all areas of interest and you can comment on any proposal’s page for which you have a suggestion or would like to contribute, so have a look.


The cheesy group photo - You may call a group photo cheesy but know that you are looking at future citizens of the Freezing Favela. Tomer Gal

Freezing Favela

Freezing Favela is a small city within Mediamatic Fabriek. Builders, cooks and other makes have been given the possibility to claim a part of the big industrial hall as their own. They work on their projects autonomously, but like in any other community, materials, space and functions have to be shared. Favela citizens are making tosti's from scratch, paper from cow shit, furniture from cardboard, and food from our very own aquaponics farm. And everyone is welcome to contribute. Build this city with us.

More Info

Slum Sessions usually occurs every two weeks on Tuesday at 19:00. Due to consideration of participants holiday plans we have decided to begin gaming at 13:00 on Sunday, January 6. If you want your proposal to be part of the game and have yet to make a model there will be time and materials provided to do so in the Mediamatic Fabriek at 13:00 - 18:00 on January 5.