Game Edition

Odorama 23 - with Simon Niedenthal, Marie Ehrndal, Maki Ueda, Natali Blugerman and Sophia Bulgakova

14 feb 2018

For centuries, 'kodo' has been played in Japan, the game and art of appreciating incense. For a more intense and realistic experience of games, game-makers in the West nowadays also use scent. In this Odorama edition on 14 February, olfactory artists and designers take scent to a different level. From traditional games to digital olfactory play and virtual reality, this edition plays with scent beyond the everyday experience. Even the smell of dreams - a rarely researched phenomenon will be discussed.

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Asking questions during Odorama - Anisa Xhomaqi

Odorama is a collaboration between Mediamatic and Caro Verbeek.

Simon Niedenthal

Dr. Simon Niedenthal is an Associate Professor of Interaction Design at Malmö University, Sweden. He is currently engaged in 'Nosewise,’ a research project which aims to investigate the potential of smell-enabled gaming to enhance cognitive capacity. During this Odorama, he will dive into scented media and games, including toys, board games and even digital ones.

Marie Erhndal

As a UX and Play Designer, Marie Ehrndal works with design and development in the Nosewise project. This is a research collaboration between Stockholm and Malmö University. The talk will be a brief look into the process of researching, designing and developing scented VR applications. The focus will be on the process, challenges and lessons learned.

Maki Ueda

Maki Ueda is one of the most renowned olfactory artists. She created 'scents of Holland' and the scents surrounding geisha culture for Museum De Lakenhal. She has been based in The Netherlands since 2002, and occasionally teaches and gives workshops on olfactory art at ArtScience Interfaculty of The Royal Academy of Art and Royal Conservatory The Hague (NL), and at Willem de Kooning Art Academy (NL). Whilst Maki Ueda joins via Skype, Sunna Svavarsdottir, Lauren Jetty Howells-Green, Georgia Kosmatou, Kay Churcher and Sophia Bulgakova present five new interactive scent games developed at the ArtScience interfaculty.

Sophia Bulgakova

Sophia Bulgakova is currently studying at ArtScience interfaculty in Royal Academy of the Art, The Hague (Netherlands) and is developing her practice as visual and performance artist. Together with Sunna Svavarsdottir, Lauren Jetty Howells-Green, Georgia Kosmatou and Kay Churcher, Maki Ueda's students present five interactive games.

Natali Blugerman

In her installations and performances, Natali Blugerman hopes to expand our notion of ourselves and break the boundaries of what we think we are. In creating strong experiences, she hopes to open ourselves to new possibilities. Her main tools for this are natural elements, materials and phenomena. During this edition, she will discuss the smell of dreams, a rarely researched phenomenon.


Odorama: Game Edition
Wednesday 14 February
Program starts at 20:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €7,50 pre-sale | €10 door | Students €5 (incl. Administration fee)