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As a student of Museum Studies I am interested in different ways institutions can connect people. This interchange of audience and institutions is what I want to research and learn about. Exhibitions, art installation and every kind of project that go beyond the one sided knowledge distribution but which aims to go both ways, is what amazes me. 

I am interested in exhibitions and art projects that aim to be more than a just a passive display but where people are asked to participate and act as active part of it. During my internship at Mediamatic I want to learn about the setting up of exhibitions and projects which are aiming at this ideal of societal relevance. Further, my interest in Design, Art and Crafts and how Mediamatic connects them to sustainability, is what I am looking forward to. 

Originally I am from Vienna, where I studied Art History and worked in a museum. I came to Amsterdam to do my Masters in Museum Studies and to live in this amazing city.

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