Christina Panholzer

Catch’ Em all around Oosterdok!

Step into the footsteps of Ernst Haeckel und explore your inner scientist

Ernst Haeckel, as an biologist and artist in the 19th century, discovered many new species during his exploration tours around the world. You can now step into Ernst Haeckel's footsteps as a curious explorer of nature, plants and animals, and participate in our treasure hunt.

Haeckel's new creatures are hiding all around Oosterdok. The Oosterdok is full of them. We ask you to set off on an expedition to explore the area and find them all. Be an adventurer, be a scientist, and identify those creatures.

You can download everything you need here on this page. Underneath find a detailed explanation of how to start your expedition.


Spotted! Escaped Haeckel creature in Oosterdok. - Help us to find them all! Haeckel Diamond with detail from plate 17 - Porpena. Siphonphorae. – Staatsquallen. Giulia Menicucci


5 Steps to become a Haeckel-Discoverer:

1.   Choose your favourite combination from the download underneath. Which forms attract you most? Is it the blue medusas or rather the green floral shapes that catches your eye?


2.   We extracted some Haeckel bits and pieces per "Tafel" - sometimes one single shape, other times more. The thing is, as soon as we released the single creatures from their "Tafel", they escaped and are now hiding everywhere around. Help us to find them back! As this is a rather tuff tasks to do for so many animals, we are asking you to focus on on a single "Tafel" only. Just as researchers have to narrow down their exploration tours to a single open question in order to fully concentrate on answering it. 


3.   Grab a map of the Haeckel-creature's possible locations and set off to explore the Oosterdok surroundings. Have a look around to find back the lively icons of your chosen plate. Where around Oosterdok are they hiding? 


4.   Mark the location of your creatures in the map and tell us a story about your favourite detail. You are the explorer, we want to see your story about the adventure. You can draw, you can write, you can dance or sing. Do whatever you want to express your creativity!


5.   After your treasure hunt, return to Mediamatic to find your reward for the right locations and creative stories. You will find a little surprise at our Bar at Mediamatic Bitotop. 


Have fun exploring at Oosterdok, the region's history is full of it.


Find the downloads of the map and plates underneath. There are 22 to choose from, the numbers on the plates are according to one of Haeckel's publication, the "Kunstformen der Natur".

Equipped with the print and a good sense of curiosity you can set off to our treasure hunt. Good luck, courage and fun!