Kool Abundance

10 jan 2018
23 mrt 2018

When it comes to food, we often crave for more. However, when you reach a state of affluence, it is not always easy to truly celebrate abundance. How can you still be happy with something that you have plenty of? For artist Arne Hendriks, this year's cabbage surplus raises one clear question: how to deal with abundance? The drawings in the restaurant of Mediamatic ETEN reflect his search for answers. Visit the exhibition during opening hours of Mediamatic ETEN.


Do you speak cabbage? - Giulia Menicucci

Surplus, Value and waste

It was a good year for white cabbage. In fact, the affluent cabbage harvest was too much for farmers to process for a fair price. Our current economic system has turned this perfectly eatable and nourishing foods into worthless surplus. The costs to harvest cabbage cannot compete with the low prices demanded by the market. Is it also possible to add value in a different way? During this dinner we celebrate 'worthless' white cabbage and re-instate and determine its value together. 

Arne Hendriks

For The Incredible Shrinking Man, Arne Hendriks set out on a long inquiry into the possibility of shrinking, and the consequences for humanity. Following his proposal for an economy that embraces shrinking, he is currently an artist in residence at Rabobank. In theory, this biggest agricultural bank in the world could be one of the main players in a new and more balanced food-system for the future.