Opening Party Sur Place

Enter the rollercoaster, feel the adrenaline

8 mei 2010
8 mei 2010

On May, 8, Mediamatic Bank hosted the perfect after party to a day filled with bicycle delicacies. It was also an exciting kick-off for a great exhibition to come. See more pictures in our photo gallery


Opening party Sur Place - Photo taken by Michal Dudzinski from Fotoduda. Michal Dudzinski

Program Saturday May 8th

Top day for ciclistas

Saturday, May 8 was a top day for bike freaks. Never have so many cyclotastic events been up for grabs on one and the same day in the city of Amsterdam. For lovers of pink lycra and aerodynamic bikes the Giro was a feast for the eyes. For those who were infected with competition fever there was the Polomania! bike polo tournament organized by EHVFXD and Amsterdam Fixxxed at the Cruyff Court. (More photos here)


Polomania! 2010 - Photo made by Berlinda van Dam found on flickr

Bicycle Film Festival

Mediamatic events started at 18:00 with the Bicycle Film Festival at Tuschinski. The room was soon filled with a cheerful crowd for Vera Nieuwenhof’s bicycle monologue and a varied program of urban bike shorts. Diehards were right to stay for feature-length programs with films about the Tour de France and the Tour d’Afrique. Most people however headed to Mediamatic Bank for the long-awaited opening of Sur Place.


in de rij voor het Bicycle Film Festival - Onderdeel van de opening van Sur Place, een tentoonstelling in Mediamatic Bank over stedelijke fietscultuur. Bas van den Broeke


Bicycle Film Festival - Vera van de Nieuwenhof performing the Bicycle Monologue at Tuschinski on May,8. Michal Dudzinski

Sur Place Opening Party


Stefan Vis hosting the Goldsprint race - Picture made by EHVFXD

Met: Stefan Vis


Opening party Sur Place - Roller racing competition between Carolien Gehrels and Willem Velthoven. Photo taken by Michal Dudzinski from Fotoduda. Michal Dudzinski

Sur Place was clearly the place to let off steam. Everyone, however exhausted, walked around like exhilarated children with a sprinkle in their eyes. Former track cyclist Stefan Vis put on his nicest suit to host Mediamatic's first Goldsprint competition. By way of inauguration, Carolien Gehrels competed against Willem Velthoven and... signed for the first victory! A track stand competition was held to pay honor to the exhibition’s title, and was won by Lorenzo.


Track stand competition at the opening of Sur Place - Picture made by EHVFXD

Many bikers’ legs were itching to test the track that DUS architects successfully squeezed into the space. They turned the exhibition into a whirlwind. Fortunately, no crash portraits were added to our collection. We were happy to see everyone leave unharmed and all pumped up.

More pictures

Take a look at our photo gallery.

Check out some reports of our guests:

EHVFXD: "An excellent result with nice wall with mixed bike porn, gold sprint, wall piece by Mike Giant and an awesome indoor wooden track designed by DUS Architects. As I may say a superb exhibition about urban bike culture."

MIKE GIANT: "Inside the venue it was NUTS! Packed to the gills with rad people, cool art, cheap booze and a fucking track! Super ill. I don't think the fire dept in SF would let something like this go down. It was rad." (and more power terms)

Thank you for making this possible, and see you at the next event!


Sur Place will be open until August 22, on weekdays from 13.00 to 19.00 and on the weekend until 18.00. Come down, have a look or cycle around, and don't forget to bring your bike.