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The Chromatic Dinner won a Food Design Innovation award!

At Beijing Design Festival

After a succesfull premiering at Mediamatic last fall, The Chromatic Dinner traveled to the Design Festival in L.A. and Seattle. Following, it was presented at Beijing Design Festival, where The Chromatic Dinner won a Food Design Innovation award.

Based on Kandinsky's Klangfarben and the Chinese Five elements, artist and director Martin Butler and vegan chef Alexander Gershberg present a wholesome and harmonious eating experience. Each course is designed in a different color. As such, color, smell, texture, sound and taste all mix together in this cross-atlantic recap of this fully immersive second edition of Mediamatic’s Neo-Futurist Dinners.



Food Design Innovation Award -

Five senses, five course

Following the logic of sense, this dining experience challenges the way food influences our emotions, sensations, thoughts, and associations. Every course is inspired by a different color, corresponding to one of the Chinese elements: Tree, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Quoting synesthesia, a perceptual condition in which the stimulation of one sense triggers an automatic, involuntary experience in another sense, be prepared for an evening full of sensational surprises.


Wearing red blindfolds - Participants wearing red blindfolds during the green starter during the Chromatic dinner Anisa Xhomaqi

Alexander Gershberg

Vegan chef, Alexander Gershberg, was born in Russia, raised in Israel and is currently based in Amsterdam. He founded Vegan Sundays, with which he organizes pop-up events and cooking workshops. As a chef, he has always been interested in more than just taste, concerning himself with the way in which food also influences life in a broader sense.

Martin Butler

Through an interdisciplinary approach, artist and stage director Martin Butler always hopes to bridge and combine various disciplines such as dance, theatre, music, film, performance, new media, and fashion. He was trained in drama at Manchester University, and then later choreography and performance at the SNDO in Amsterdam. Since 1998, he has been creating performance work at various theatres and festivals internationally.


Martin and Alexander - Chiara Barraco

Neo-Futurist Dinners

In Roman times, the art of dining incorporated all the known senses to create a total gastronomic experience. In accordance with the ancient experience of dining, the futurist movement at the beginning of the 20th century experimented with sensational gastronomy. Almost 100 years later, Mediamatic takes on their concept and organizes theNeo-Futurist Dinners. These eating experiences aim to re-think the way in which the world of food, art, and science come together, resulting in a multi-sensory dinner scene.


Synesthetic dining during the white course from Chromatic Dinner -