Beauty Kit Focus Group 0.2

Participatory Lecture Performance by Isabel Burr Raty

10 jun 2019

In Catastrophic times… Can the orgasmic body be a source for sustainable electricity production? Can the cavities that make up the landscapes of the human sexual organs be a territory for agricultural development? Can sex hormones offer alternative components for psychopharmacology and recreational drugs formulas?

Join the Beauty Kit Focus Group on the 10th of June, where Isabel Burr Raty will propose possible answers during her participatory lecture performance.

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The Focus Group is a hybrid narrative device that offers in informative lecture where the artist presents the beauty bio-products that she conceptualized, invented and manufactured using the sexual juices harvested in her Portugal and Amsterdam Farms. Conjugating medical and ancestral perspectives, she exposes how the nutritious properties wherein these fluids can replace components of beauty products that we find in the market and points out empty gaps of scientific perspectives concerning the female body’s full agency. The attendants are invited to inquire on the technologies of a bio-autonomous farming system as well as advising on the sustainable model of production of these farms.

In this occasion Isabel hopes to sell some beauty products and “recruit” participants for her next Farm, happening in Mediamatic Amsterdam in August 2019.

Isabel Burr Raty

Isabel Burr Raty, who is an artist in residence at Mediamatic, Waag Society and VU this year, is creating hybrid participatory performances and installations that invite the public to queer fixed categories of production understandings, and experience the benefits of embodying utopian Sci-Fi in real time. She is currently running a mobile Farm that starts by harvesting human female genital juices, and evolves into an “Eco-erogenous Para-pharmaceutics Village” in the Atacama Desert, where “every-BODY” will harvest and recycle each other.

The Beauty Kit Female Farm 

The Beauty Kit Female Farm is a mobile eco-friendly cognitive-pleasure oriented farm that harvests female genital juices to produce beauty bio-products. It adapts to the site-specific ecosystem of the space it inhabits, recycling and archiving living materials and producing within a symbiotic niche of synergic mutualism. This farm explores its own self-sustainable economic model of production and invites female participants from all over the world to become harvesters and embody utopian “Sci-Fi chapters in praxis time”.

On this ground, this farm produces, harvests and disseminates trans individual knowledge about female sexual ecology and agency.

The Beauty Kit Focus Group With Isabel Burr Raty
Monday 10th of June, 20:30 - 22:00 

Tickets€5,- pre-sale (including €1 administration fee) | €5,- (+ €2,50 at the door)