We Make The City 2019

17 jun 2019
23 jun 2019

This year Mediamatic is participating in We Make The City, the festival that aims to make cities more liveable, more sustainable, more accessible and safe. Join one of our Open Tours, learn about yourself in our Raising Doubt installation or join a discussion on waste production.  


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Raising Doubt 

Do you live your dream? Help with the creation of a flower infographic.

Are you fundamentally lonely? Do you break taboos? Join us and Raise Doubts (Twijfel Zaaien) in Amsterdam's newest hotspot: Dijkspark. Thirty questions about life and art lead you along the green walkway. You answer these questions by sowing flower seeds. This way your answers will grow out to become part of a lush infographic, and you will get to know what type of artist you would have been.

You can partake in this art installation on the 22nd and 23rd of June from 12:00 to 18:00.

Open Tours 

Discover Mediamatic

Curious what is happening at our sustainable Biotoop? Get a glimpse inside our various labs and multisensory exhibitions. We follow our nose into the Aroma Lab, awaken our taste buds at the Aquaponics greenhouse and hack Ernst Haeckel.

We will have an Open Tour at 16:00 every day for the duration of We Make The City. The tour is free and there's no need to sign-up before hand.

Life in Plastic is not Fantastic 

Fashion Show by iNDiViDUALS

We, GENERATION26, challenged ourselves to make a change from a fashion perspective in an environment where we can all be found: the supermarket.

By being a part of the fashion industry, we embrace creativity, but feel responsible for the consequences of our choices. It is no secret that the fashion industry has a share in the excessive use of plastic. The world has become more dirty than ever and not because we forgot to clean our glasses. We, GENERATION26, do not live in a pink bubble and are here to look beyond our own industry in order to explore various solutions for the problems threatening our people and planet.

During our event, we will be giving an insight in our creation process, showcasing our collection presentation as well questioning the industry regarding plastic consumption and waste. Part of our collection is in collaboration with Jumbo: one of Holland’s leading supermarkets who challenged us to design a bag that adapts to a sustainable future and the wearer’s needs.

This event will be on the 19th of June. Buy tickets