Anne Hofstra

Celebrating Pigeons

Feral city pigeons have a bad reputation but that says more about us humans than it says about the pigeon. It's also a relatively recent perception. Throughout history, pigeons have always been highly valued, both for their incredible skills to find their way home, as well as for their meat and the quality of their droppings. Before the use of artificial fertilizers, pigeon excrement was indispensable, especially in the Middle-east, for food production.

The monumental pigeon towers of Isfahan in Iran serve as an inspiration for the mycelium pigeon towers that we are building at Mediamatic. 


Pigeons are interested! - Pigeons in Amsterdam searching a new space to live Because our mycelium tower slowly starts to get comfy for pigeons we also started to promote it.  As it turns out pigeons are interested in the offer and we expect quite a lot of phone calls the next weeks... If you know some pigeons searching for a new place to live just forward them to us. We will take care of them! Dominik Einfalt