Let's Talk About Climate Justice

With Paolo Cirio, Raphael Weyland, Teresa Borasino and Selçuk Balamir

23 okt 2021

Artist and activist Paolo Cirio deep dives into the research behind his work and shares insights about legal and financial claims using “Attribution Science” and “Majors Carbon Databases”. Raphael Weyland works as an environmental lawyer and discusses whether litigation could support the fight to tackle the biodiversity crisis. Teresa Borasino, co-founder of Fossil Free Culture NL, presents how Climate Colonialism perpetuated by fossil fuel corporations and facilitated by Western institutions keeps the institutional structures in power. Last but not least, Selçuk Balamir questions whether the legal system can deliver decisive and binding climate action, why Shell Must Fall, and what pathways exist for a Future Beyond Shell. futurebeyondshell.org


Baltan Saturday Talks DDW, Barbara Medo for Baltan Laboratories - Photo: Barbara Medo Baltan Laboratories


Inhuman Carnaval at Dutch Design Week
October 23d, 2021, from 16:30 to 18:00
Let's Talk About Climate Justice
Natlab, Eindhoven
Free entrance

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