Inhuman Carnaval at Dutch Design Week '21

Open costume lab, workshops, exhibitions and more

17 Oct 2021
22 Oct 2021

How does it feel to be an earthworm, bee, plant, or fungus? During Dutch Design Week, we are hosting a big open costume lab among many other activities in which we invite artists, designers, and passersby to dress up as the amazing species of our ecosystem, and celebrate the biodiversity of our planet! 


Wearable Soft Toys: Venla Elonsalo's brown teddy costume - Designer:  Venla Elonsalo Photo:  @sofia_okkonen Styling:   @superminttu Casting:   @islamovic_jasmin Model:   @miraaurora   /   @thesisterhood_mgmt MUA:   @jennyjanssonmakeup Hair:   @2pintaa Venla Elonsalo

People are just beginning to discover the richness of our planet's biodiversity, and with it the value of each individual species within our ecosystem. At the same time, this biodiversity is shrinking at a great rate. How can we break out of our anthropocentric worldview and learn to feel more empathy for the other species on the planet? Can we train ourselves to see the world from a non-human perspective by wrapping ourselves in pink velvet and becoming an endangered pink velvet worm, for example?

The biodiversity costume lab at DDW

During Dutch Design Week we will host an open costume lab where we invite fashion designers, artists and you too, to make costumes of amazing species from our ecosystem. For a whole week there will be room for experiment and design research to mimic various species in fabric and other (sustainable) materials. We will also host an ongoing program of master classes, workshops, lectures and exhibitions around bio-diversity and design. 

A costume made from a mushroom? A mask with the scent of Dahlias, or face paints as a water bear? The craziest/most beautiful/original costumes and techniques that we see this week, will be translated into instructables, which we will publish in a DIY-guide for carnival 2022, where the project continues...

Hacking Carnival 

Originally, carnival was designed to unlearn the social structures and especially the hierarchies of society. By using masks and outfits to empathize with another persona, we can break existing rules, structures and beliefs. 

With Inhuman Carnival, we explore adding a new layer to this large-scale escapism. can you actively advocate for biodiversity and grow your understanding of non-human beings while you party? We believe that empathizing with a species and making a costume is a good starting point to become more aware of a large abstract problem, such as the loss of biodiversity.

Our ultimate goal is to "hack" Carnival 2022 with as many biodiversity costumes as possible. We want to activate a large audience to dress up as an 'inhuman species' during the party. The DIY guide with instructables that will be made during DDW is the starting point for this. 


Inhuman Carnival at Dutch Design Week
October 17th through 22th, 2021
Natlab, Eindhoven

Inhuman Carnival at Dutch Design Week is organized in collaboration with Baltan Laboratories.