Elficological know-how: Morning Dew Harvesting

10 sep 2023

Artist-designer and researcher in elficology, Pauline Rip, explored the cultural tradition of the elves in a one of a kind participatory performance. Participants were taken on a journey through an important elven custom: the harvesting of morning dew while experiencing the sunrise and immersing in the world of elficology. 



Morning Dew Harvesting workshop - with Pauline Rip This workshop was early in the morning the 10th of September 2023   Picture taken by Laura Sanz Rosal Laura Sanz Rosal


By gathering early in the morning and putting on the traditional garments, participants took part in this ritual and experienced it the same way generations of elves and humans have done through the ancient Dutch tradition called "Dauwtrappen". These garments include harvesting tools, such as long sleeves to collect the morning dew.

Participants got involved in these customs, gestures, songs and traditions to re-imagine the cultural relationships we as humans have with plants and nature. This experience was part of the "Elficological know-how" project. 

« Elficological know-how » is a project based on research by elfologists into the diet of elves and other folk creatures: morning dew, bramble branch wine, slug slime liqueur, fern bread, lichen butter and much more. Elven food has no limits and offers a creative vision of how we humans consume and harvest the earth's resources.

For each ingredient, a know-how is developed to harvest it, including equipment, clothing... so that it becomes part of a culture with fictional rites.

How do we reimagine the richness of our cultural relationships with plants and nature through the imaginary creatures they inhabit? "

Dates, Place and Tickets

Elficological Dew Harvesting took place on the 10th, 17th, and 19th of September at the picnic bench at Nieuwendammerdijk, 1023 BM Amsterdam

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