Japanese Knotweed Season Workshop 2024:

Knotweed Dolma

with Jasper Riehm

31 mei 2024

Join us for an engaging hands-on workshop at the Gastronomical Summit, featuring the artist/chef Jasper Reihm. Following his guidance, you'll learn how to utilise the inner part of the Knotweed to create a delightful and surprising vegan dolma dish.

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Jasper Riehm Doing Kitchen Preparation - Jasper Riehm


What will you do 

In this unique and immersive workshop, we'll transform the invasive Japanese Knotweed into beautiful wearable art and a delicious culinary adventure! Following the guidance of Chef Jasper Reihm, you'll learn how to utilise the inner part of the Knotweed to create a delightful and surprising vegan dolma dish.

This process not only provides a sustainable solution to manage invasive species but also offers a creative space to create your artistic skills. You’ll also discover how the Japanese knotweed can be your secret ingredient in the kitchen as you will learn to cook the leftover parts of the plant. 

Experience a workshop to learn more about innovative approaches to environmental sustainability and culinary arts. Join us and transform the way you view, use, and enjoy Japanese knotweed!

Japanese Knotweed Season 2024

Every spring, Mediamatic organises a season around Japanese knotweed. Knotweed is a fast-growing plant known in Europe for being considered invasive. What many do not know, however, is that this plant species has a host of positive properties. During this season we will explore how to live in harmony with this controversial plant.


Portrait of Jasper Riehm - The photo was taken during the Test dinner of Knots, Weeds & Roots Vu Ha

Jasper Riehm

Jasper Riehm, once celebrated as a Michelin-starred chef renowned for his culinary excellence, has since started reinventing himself as an urban green artist in the city of Amsterdam. His current work merge the culinary arts with urban ecology, highlighting his commitment to sustainable living and ecological awareness.

As a member of Cityplot, he leads foraging tours and constructs living willow domes. These structures are not only functional and ecological but are also visually stunning, demonstrating an understanding of natural materials. His creations provide serene retreats within the urban environment, encouraging community interaction and a deeper connection with nature.

Known as "That Weird Plant Guy," Jasper's work truly embodies the spirit of sustainability. His approach is blends art, ecology, and community engagement to foster an environment where city dwellers can reconnect with the natural world. Through his unique blend of skills and passions, Jasper Riehm continues his work towards a more sustainable and ecologically aware urban lifestyle.


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31st of May

Time: 12:30-13:30 & 14:30-15:30

Attendance is limited to 15 people. We maintain a minimum of 6 participants.

Please note that, this workshop will be held in English.

For questions please e-mail workshop@mediamatic.nl.

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