Web of Things

PICNIC '09 Special

The popularity of open source hardware and software, along with the openness and sharing ideals behind Web 2.0, is transforming the creation and manufacturing process for consumer devices. As more and more tiny computers are being connected to the Web, new methods and tools are needed to create applications that leverage the connectedness of the physical world. Unlike the Internet of Things where the focus was on connecting things together, we propose the Web of Things as new design space for networked gadgets which emphasizes the ideals of openness and sharing that were instrumental to the success of the Web.

Please note: YOU MUST HAVE A PICNIC CONFERENCE OR FESTIVAL TICKET TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION. Clicking on Count Me In simply indicates your interest in participating. The final selection of attendees is decided by our partner for this session.

In this special session, we bring together leading experts from computer science, design, architecture, and business to discuss and rethink the innovation models necessary to create a new generation of connected consumer devices that can much better serve our needs by leveraging the Web and at the same time reduce our frustration with technology by encouraging collaboration between engineers and designers.


The New Innovation Models for the Web of Things Special will feature researchers, start-ups and hackers showcasing their latest projects and products.

The presenters will dive deeper into their projects and engage in technical discussions and tutorials with the audience in an informal workshop-style format.

13h45 Welcome & Introduction - Vlad Trifa (SAP & ETH Zurich)
14h00 Jean-Louis Fréchin (nodesign.net / Ensci - Les Ateliers)
14h20 German Leon (Vodafone)
14h40 Matt Cottam (Tellart)
15h00 Usman Haque (Haque Design & Research / Pachube.com)
15h20 Timo Arnall (Oslo School of Architecture and Design)
15h40 Wrap-up

Demo Session in PICNIC Club (Gashouder)
We invited a few researchers, entrepreneurs, and hackers to come and showcase their demo/products into a very informal and interactive setup during the whole day. Beyond only "selling" their products, presenters are welcome to dive deeper in their projects and engage in technical discussions tutorials with the crowds, in a
playful, lab-oriented manner.

1) OpenSpime - Widenoise demo (www.widetag.com/widenoise/)
WideNoise is the iPhone and iPod Touch application that samples decibel noise levels, and displays them on a worldwide interactive map

2) nodesign.net - WaNoMirror
WaNoMirror is a simple and common object in everyone’s home: a mirror.
But it is also an object that provides information and services. It is both a screen and network window that displays thoughts sent on Internet by your friends or the subjects you are interested in, from the Internet service Twitter. It reflects your appearance and your everyday participation in the digital world. WaNoMirror also knows where it is by “materializing” tweets from the infosphere around your home. This object can be defined as a NeoObject, a result and a consequence of Internet Services. WaNoMirror is a connected “thing” that prefigures the ”internet of things”, a constellation of objects and networked connectivity, combining software with physical interfaces. This object is a result of an ”open innovation” approach to design.

3) Roomware - The Roomware Project is an open-source framework for interactive spaces.
It allows developers of multiple origins to enhance any venue or event using technologies such as BlueTooth and RFID. "Roomware" is an application running in a defined space. For instance: linking people's photographs to the screens of a club, sharing musical tastes with the DJ, finding other interesting people on your mobile phone, a photo booth activated by the entry tickets of two people, etc.