Mayken Craenen


Become the happy owner of a piece of the exhibition

27 feb 2010
28 feb 2010

The beautiful pictures of Anya Van Lit have been dressing the walls of Mediamatic Bank for more than a month. Now the exhibition is over, we would find it a pity to throw them away or store them somewhere they cannot be seen. We propose instead that you take a piece of them home in exchange for some euros and a nice plan for reuse.


bardot@home.jpg - A piece of an iceberg shot by Anya Van Lit Anya van Lit

Become a DIY curator and install the fragment of your interest in your own environment. Or let your designer brain work and invent a new use for the excellent waterproof poster material. Upload the result to the Mediamatic network to exhibit it online in the recycled Bardot Proviant Klub!


Come and buy during the closing party on Saturday, February 27th, 20:00 - 24:00
Pick up your piece on Sunday, February 28th, 18:00