Els Engel


with new system design

Mediamatic wanted an aquaponics system in their greenhouse office at the Fabriek, so during the workshop we built one upstairs. It's a new design, because the tower wouldn't fit underneath the glass roof.


Group picture of the Aquaponics workshop participants - The workshop group, surrounding the new system design Aleksandra Kalashnikova

We recycled parts from both the old train wagon system and the systems from Eindhoven, so we didn't need to use new IBC's and the pebbles were already full of bacteria and worms. We also put a few catfish from both tanks in the new system. We expect cycling will be a lot faster this time. The 'wings' of the system look very nice, but they gave us a lot to think about. A growbed can easily weigh 300kg, so we had to have enough support. There was a scary moment at the end of the day when we were making the group picture and one of the steel cables broke. Luckily the hose clamps held the growbed in place and we could fix it without bad things happening.


Saro explaining the new design - during the Aquaponics workshop at Jan 11th Els Engel

It was very nice to meet new people who are interested in aquaponics. It's one of the reasons why I love being at these workshops. I can tell them about our experiences, and I always learn new things from them. This time I was thinking about aquaponics in the tropics a lot, as there were several people going to start up systems in warm countries. Aquaponics is especially interesting for warm countries, as you save a lot of water and you don't need to worry about temperature and daylight.

At the end of the day, as always, there was a nice friendly atmosphere. Building something like this together does something to a group. We'll stay in touch!