Wild Herb Hunting for Brewers and Drinkers

Rein Beer Fest: Excursion

24 apr 2016

This excursion is suitable for all brewers and drinkers looking into ways to rediscover our green urban environment and complement their brews with local ingredients. Together with a wild foraging specialist and Jonmar van Vlijmen (De Onkruidenier) we will go on a tour through the city of Amsterdam searching for delicious wild herbs and plants that can be used for making beers.

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Wild herb foraging - Plant hunting in an urban landscape De Onkruidenier

Jonmar van Vlijmen - De Onkruidenier

De Onkruidenier is an initiative of Jonmar van Vlijmen and Ronald Boer, started to take on the weeds of Amsterdam's city centre. For some years now the duo have been exploring the implementation of this urban vegetation, such as nettle, wild garlic, ivy, dandelions, and daisys into their daily lives. For De Onkruidenier, 'weeds' simply do not exist.

The Netherlands has over 4,300 supermarkets: a unique situation that means anyone can purchase their groceries within a short distance from home. This means that the once plentiful local plants have now decreased in both number and value.


Herbs no. 1 & 11 - A total of 36 different herbs were found growing around Mediamatic that can be eaten or used in beer brewing. Lisanne Groenewoud,

Together with De Onkruidenier we will go on a sunday morning Herb Hunt. We will look for herbs and weeds that we could possibly use for brewing beer. The hunt will end at Mediamatic ETEN where you are welcome to stay for a special beer brunch and a special Bierberaad about forgotten beer history of old fashioned recipes using herbs instead of hops to brew beer.


Jonmar van Vlijmen wild herb hunting - wild herb foraging in Dijkspark Lisanne Groenewoud


Enjoying a beer after the wild herb hunt - The different kind of herbs four around Mediamatic are laid out in a row as the foragers enjoy a post-hunt beer. Lisanne Groenewoud

Wild Herb Hunting for Drinkers
Saturday April 24
10:00 - 12:00
We gather at the Mediamatic bar at the waterside.
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

We ask a small contribution for this Wild Herb Hunt. For only €7,50 you can join us. Buy your ticket here.

Or get your 2 Day Passepartout €20,- (Incl. Expert meeting, 4 Tastings + Talks and Wild Herb Hunting for Brewers Drinkers)