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Opening Dijkspark and Mediamatic

12 Sep 2015

After months of preparations the Dijkspark and Mediamatic Biotoop are finally ready to be opened. We hope to see you there for a day filled with living art, pee installations, tours, drinks, graphic design, the first test voyages of Rederij Lampedusa and music by Berndsen, Samaris, M-Band and Good Moon Deer. Read below for more details about our program.

Official Dijkspark opening: 16:00 by Janny Rodermond (managing director of the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie) and Roeland Rengelink (Stadsdeel Centrum.)


Mediamatic Biotoop Dijkspark on a sunny day - Waterside view of Mediamatic Biotoop with the refugee vessel "Meneer Vrijdag" of Rederij Lampedusa mooring in the Dijksgracht Ruby Lee


16:00 - Opening Dijkspark

By Janny Rodermond - managing director of the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, and Roeland Rengelink - administrator from Stadsdeel Centrum.

17:00 - Tours

Through Dijkspark, by Pis & Water and Mycelium & Bier

20:00 - Performances

Atmospherical Icelandic electronics by M-Band, Samaris, Good Moon Deer and Berndsen. Scroll down for the line-up.

All Day

Art by Zeger Reyers, Kamiel Rongen, Teun Castelein, Jasmin Moeller and Masha Ru.


Over the past months, we have worked hard to transform the head of the Dijksgracht into a new public city park. Without interference from the municipal administration, Hannekes Boom, Mediamatic, Klimmuur Centraal, Barco Restaurant, GreenNest Gallery and Shaffy's Tuin transformed this hidden piece of the city into Amsterdam's new cultural back yard; Dijkspark.

The park's official opening will take place on Saturday, September 12th, 16:00. With Janny Rodermond - managing director of the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, and Roeland Rengelink -administrator from Stadsdeel Centrum.


Bubbles! - Drinking festivities for the official opening of mediamatic Margherita Soldati


Crowd for the openingsspeech - Public at the openingsweekend of Mediamatic Margherita Soldati


Kamiel Rongen

Musician and artist Kamiel Rongen's interactive video installation is triggered by Piss. By peeing into the urinals along the facade, you activate dreamy images with mysterious soundscapes. Everything you see is real! No digital manipulation comes into play. All urine from the installation is collected in a tank and mixed with water, so it can be used to water the plants!

Zeger Reyers

A waterfall of ceramic dishes and plates flows over the Mediamatic Biotoop's outer wall and greenhouse. The grasses and flowers that nestle in the cracks will slowly grow over the installation.

Jasmin Moeller & Masha Ru

Would you like to know what kind of artist you yourself would be? Answer the 30 questions of Casting Doubts. By answering through the planting of flower seeds you get directly involved with sowing Dijkspark. A special discount is available during the weekend, in honour of Dijkspark's opening.


11-09-2015 Rederij Lampedusa - arriving at Mediamatic - In the harbour next to the terrace of Mediamatic ETEN, the two ships from Shipping Company Lampedusa are docked. The respective boats are former refugees ships used by people to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Although the Municipality of Amsterdam allows no more than fifteen people on the largest ship according to its safely regulations, 282 refugees fled on it from North Africa to Lampedusa. Not only has the boat a refugee history, the crew itself largely made up of refugees, and along with… Teun Castelein


Pis, Hard Water, Aquaponics, Mycelium, Bier... We'd like to tell you more about our projects. From 17:00 you are welcome to take a tour of Dijkspark, through the Aquaponics garden and by the many art installations. More information about exact times coming soon!


Festisvall Fünf

Festisvall Fünf's caravan toured Europe for three weeks. 15 Graphic Posters by 15 artists (Dutch, German and Icelandic) and 4 bands toured through Reykjavík, Leipzig and Berlin. Mediamatic is their last stop. Expect atmospheric sounds, 80's vibes, electronic beats and airy Icelandic voices.


Guy enjoying graphic design Festisvall Fünf - 15 designs by 15 different artist Germany, Iceland and Holland Studio Festisvall


20:00 M-Band

Multi-instrumentalist Hörður Már Bjarnason's solo project.

21:00 Samaris

Icy electronics featuring clarinet and bewitching voices.

21:45 Good Moon Deer

Spacey soundscapes featuring live percussion by Guðmundur Ingi Úlfarsson.

23:00 Berndsen

Red-bearded 80's lover, featuring dramatic vocals.


Samaris playing at Festisvall Fünf - Different bands perform at Festisvall Fünf Different bands perform at Festisvall Fünf Studio Festisvall


Nightlife at Mediamatic - People enjoying the Festisvall Funf night at Mediamatic on 12 September Margherita Soldati


Oysters, fries and Bloody Marys by Frites et Mer by Meisjes Met Smaak.


Oysters by Meisjes met Smaak! - Oysters were served by Meisjes met Smaak on the openingsweekend of Mediamatic on the 11-12-13th September. Margherita Soldati


Opening Dijkspark
Zwam Beer Ferment Oog Aroma Culture
Saturday September 12th - 15:30 - 24:00
Free Entry
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

Dijkspark - Opening Weekend

This event is part of the Dijkspark - Opening Weekend. Three days of Zuur Vis Design Eat Bacterie Pis Bloem. Click through for the complete Vernissage program of Friday September 11th, and the Zuur markt and salon program of Sunday September 13th.