Odorama 43 with Frank Bloem, Pavél van Houten, Robin Habbé and Mathilde van Otterloo

24 Jun 2021

What are the links between smells and mood? Did you know that smell can literally enhance your frame of mind or evoke positive memories? Diving into this topic, we bring some light to the stage of Odorama and to the homes of the people who are watching.

We will start by discussing how we could use our senses more to enjoy the things that are around us. Later we will talk about the smell of joy in the life of pop icon Mariah Carey, and discuss if food, like smelly cheese can actually boost our mood. 

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Ethyl Maltol - Je bent bekender met de geur van dit flesje dan je denkt. Denk: roze, suikerig, wolkje, geluk, kermis, smelten, stout... Anne Lakeman

Sensing joy 
Robin Habbé wrote their master thesis on desire and happiness in the context of consumer society. Why does consumption shape our lives and how can we free ourselves from the unnecessary desires that society creates in us? Our senses and the aesthetic realm play a large role in shaping us to be merely consumers, while we can actually be so much more. How can we live a more true human life, how can we shake off this consumerist reduction and actually use our senses like the sense of smell more, to enjoy that what already is? 

The (un)happy life of Mariah Carey
Visual artist Pavel van Houten will open up an amazing world of smells for us traced in the (auto)biography of the not always happy life of icon Mariah Carey.

Pavel noticed that in her book ‘The Meaning of Mariah Carey’, Carey uses detailed scent-memories to open up about her history. From the smells of her childhood, to the smell of pasta softening in boiling water, to a house that smelled of calamity and dog hair. Pavel analysed all scents described in the book and explains what they tell us about the (un)happy life of the famous American singer. 

Say Cheese!
Mathilde van Otterloo is a cheese maker from Amsterdam who makes her cheese according to the French method. She says she is in love with cheese; with the taste, but also with the manufacturing process. Working with a natural ingredient - raw milk - gives her intense satisfaction. Curator of this evening Frank Bloem will talk to her about this craft, and asks if and how certain food such as smelly cheese can make you happy.

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Odorama 43: Happiness
24th of June from 20:00 till 22:30
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
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