Pigeon Tower Arne Hendriks, Hannah Leitzke


Sept '21 - Pigeon Tower 12

Stonk is built with the waste material of the waste material. The mycelium blocks, our building material, are stacked up next to the shed. A full cycle of collecting the blocks, pressing them during the Gentle disco, and processing the blocks in the towers takes about 5 weeks. If the blocks lie a little longer, they sometimes rot and other organisms largely replace the oyster mushroom mycelium. When the blocks have decayed so much that we can hardly build with them, we use them for Stonk. We love Stonk, even if he's a bit stinky.


Stonk 2023 - Annelise van den Akker

Building period: September 2021 - Ongoing
Mycelium: mixed with black fungus
Supplier: John Verbruggen B.V.
Weather: Changing
Type: Rectangle, ... x... at base.