Pigeon Tower Arne Hendriks, Ben Hopley


May '21 – Pigeon Tower 10

To make sure the tower has a stable foundation we re-press the mycelium blocks using the weight of our bodies. Two to five people stand on the top of the mycelium wall, hold hands, and slowly move or dance counterclockwise. To coordinate the movement it helps to count or sing together. Folk has six pigeon lofts inside and the roof opens so we can have a peak at the squab.


Folk 2022 - Ben Hopley

Building period: 21 May 2021 – 31 March 2022
Mycelium: Yellow Oyster Mushroom
Weather: Changeable, 15°C
Supplier: John Verbruggen B.V.
Type: Bottle-shaped, diameter 204cm, height 280cm (at completion)