Pigeon Tower Arne Hendriks, Ben Hopley


Mar '21 – Pigeon Tower 09

Ben is the first tower that we expect to actually house pigeons. The interior space is large enough, there are places and willow branches for the pigeons to sit and four cut-outs have been made for them to make nests. The round shape harks back to the construction principles and stability of the octagonal tower we made earlier (Pigeon Tower 05: Dom). The roof is made with the packing plastic of the mycelium blocks on a frame of willow branches. Although we tried to build very precisely of willow branches, the tower ended up being slanted. This is probably because the sun and wind make the blocks dry out faster on one side, causing the tower to shrink unevenly.


Ben - Pigeon Tower 09 Ben Hopley

Building period: 5 March – 4 June 2021
Mycelium: Yellow Oyster Mushroom
Weather: Cold and moist, 3–18°C
Supplier: Verbruggen Paddestoelen B.V.
Type: Round, diameter 200cm, 295cm (at completion)