Pigeon Tower Arne Hendriks


Aug '21 – Pigeon Tower 11

Chim is the first tower in which we placed wooden pigeon lofts. Because the mycelium bricks shrink after construction, we created a continuous ring of lofts. These lofts were placed directly on the underlying mycelium wall. This way they are free to move along with the shrinking tower without creating tension on the wall. The dimensions of the four pigeon lofts are 25 x 25 x 25 cm. The front of each loft has a raised board where the pigeon can sit comfortably. The pigeon droppings fall on the tower floor, mix with organic matter and decompose. Usually, pigeons are autonomous and forage for food in the city but the flat roof can be used as a feeding place for an occasional treat.


Chim 2022 - Ben Hopley


Building period: 21 Aug 2021 – 11 January 2022
Mycelium: Yellow Oyster Mushroom
Supplier: Verbruggen Paddestoelen B.V.
Weather: Changeable weather, 16°C
Type: Truncated cone shape, diameter 196cm, 259cm high