Rhythm of life

Biotalk 07 - with Thought Collider, Martijn Engelbregt and Teresa van Dongen

12 Feb 2015

Listen to your body. Literally. Did you know that our bodies transmit electro-chemical messages that form a different rhythm for every individual? Or that your pee is not just waste but a great indicator of your health? At tonights Biotalk we will take control of our own bodily functions and explore the field of natural medicine and bacteria. With the critical design practices of Thought Collider, Martijn Engelbregt's 'Medicijnfabriek' and Teresa van Dongen's bioluminiscent light installation Ambio.

Food at 19:00, talks at 20:00.


Fluid Analyser by Mike Thompson & Susana Cámara Leret - Measuring and determining the mass of the metabolites in the artists' urine Mass Spectrometry is an analytical technique used to determine the mass of particles, such as the metabolites present in urine. Currently spectrometers are being developed to fit in the palm of your hand and within the next 10-15 years such technology will become cheap and compact enough for consumer use in the home. The Fluid Analyser speculates how such a home Mass Spectrometer may function, the daily collection and… Thought Collider

Mike Thompson & Susana Cámara Leret

Mike and Susana have an experimental, critical art-design research practice based in Amsterdam: Thought Collider. Their projects often address the relation between science & technology and the functions of our own bodies. For example: what can pee tell about you? And if you could listen to the electro-chemical messages transmitted by your body, what would your rhythm of life sound like?

Martijn Engelbregt

What does 'healthy' means these days? You can find this claim everywhere. The Medicijnfabriek (medicine factory) by Martijn Engelbregt is a critical art project concerning the health claims and the current trend to live as healthy as possible. The factory is an open work space that gives access to nature's healing processes and enables you to create a medicine focusing on your own specific needs.


OER Equisetum Remedie - By Martijn Engelbregt

Teresa van Dongen

Ocean waves glowing blue in the dark of night, anyone who has ever experienced this knows how magical it looks. The phenomenon is caused by bioluminescent micro-organisms in seawater that emit light when provided with oxygen every time a wave turnes. This principle inspired Teresa to combine her passion for design and biology in a bioluminescent light installation. She will give a short presentation explaining the Ambio.


AMBIO light by Terese van Dongen - Give the lamp a swing and the glowing bacteria will work. The bacteria (Photobacterium species, isolated from the octopus) are provided by B.M. Joosse and R.M.P. Groen, two Life Science and Technology students at the TU Delft who currently work on prolonging the lifespan of the population for a possible next generation of Ambio. Teresa van Dongen

Biotalk: Rhythm of Life
Thursday February 12
Food at 19:00, talks at 20:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

Tickets: €8,50 (incl. Mediamatic Membership)


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