Mediamatic 2012

The Mushroom Paradise shows the new direction of our program: designing with organisms. This is reflected in our presentations, workshops and exhibitions.


Clothes for swapping - At Ruilen exhibition Ruilen is an exhibition and series of events. Bring the pants you can't get on alone, the games you always lose, and the books that made you cry but no longer do. And exchange them for something new. A form of social shopping without spending money. Aleksandra Kalashnikova

Grow your own magic mushrooms

As part of the exhibition Mushroom Paradise, Mediamatic organizes a series of Grow Your Own Magic Mushrooms workshops, in which participants learn the art of growing mushrooms: from magic mushrooms to shiitake.


Workshop Grow Your Own Magic Mushrooms - Last and final step is closing the bags with sterile gaffer tape. Then you take the bag home and store it in a dark and warm place for 4 months. You need a lot of patience when it comes to the Shiitake mushroom! 28 januari Deborah M. Kōdō

Schommelclub Party

On February 18 we celebrate the end of our Schommelclub at the Schommelclub Party: Push me tender. Two live bands, a veejay and deejay perform for romantics, lonely swingers or grabby pushers. You can also enjoy oysters and participate in a dating game.


Gekleurde muren bij de Schommelclub - Projecting colors and figures on the wall at Schommelclub Feest: Push me tender. 18 februari 2011 Hanneke Lenders

Children celebrate the end of the Schommelclub during Children's Carnaval, including facial painting, cotton candy and music by deejay Barbapapa (OCCII).


Meisje met suikerspin - Kindercarnaval bij de Schommelclub. Kindercarnaval Schommelclub, 19 februari 2011 Simone Schoutens

Zembla at Over Datum Eetclub

On february 20 Zembla, a Dutch tv program, reports on our Over Datum Eetclub 21 to stress expiring dates and waste in the food industry. This was the last edition of the Over Datum Eetclub.. The evening is sold out: we prepared a meal out of products that were expired together with sixty people.


Zembla bij de Over Datum Eetclub - Zembla maakt een reportage over houdbaarheidsdata en voedselverspilling bij de Over Datum Eetclub. 20 februari 2011 Simone Schoutens

Social Media Marketing training

On March 2 Mediamatic organizes a Social Media Marketing training. The rise of social networks (Facebook, Twitter), self-publishing platforms (YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr) and other 'web 2.0' technologies (RSS, Wikipedia) have lead to a larger interaction between users and the web. Mediamatic helps employees of (cultural) institutions to become aware of how they can make the best use of their social media.


Kennistoets tijdens de Social Media Marketing Workshop - Deelnemers worden getest op hun social media kennis bij de Social Media Marketing Workshop Simone Schoutens

New Order

A new series of exhibitions New Order opens on February 24. The underlying idea of these exhibitions is that we live in a world where energy has become a fundamental principle of our society. In a post carbon world energy is no longer seen as just an electrical force. In the exhibition, energy is approached in different stages and forms: mineral, organic, cultural etc. The first solo show is Radiant Beach by Martti Kalliala. He investigates how nucleair waste can be used for leisure purposes. Fascinated by the warm afterglow of nucleair waste, Kalliala creates an artificial beach in the big exhibition space of Mediamatic.


Bezoekers bij de Radiant Picnic Party - People enjoying the warmth of the hot beach at Radiant Picnic Party. Part of the New Order exhibition at Mediamatic Fabriek. Oostenburgereiland, Amsterdam. People enjoy the warmth of the hot beach at Radiant Picnic Party. 4 maart 2012: Bezoekers genieten van de warmte van een warm strand bij de Radiant Picnic Party. Simone Schoutens

Meet Your Energy Avatar, the second installation of the New Order exhibition is designed by architect Rory Hyde (AUS/NL) and artist Katja Novitskova (EE/NL). By answering some questions in the exhibition space, you can discover what animal matches your personal energy consumption.


10-03-2012 Electroluminescent blue whale - New Order - New Order, organized by Mediamatic, is a series of exhibitions investigating a world where energy has become a fundamental principle of our society. We once had a very direct relationship with our energy consumption, as with most animals today it was directly related to our metabolism. While sleeping we need about 90 watts of energy to 'run', to survive in the Amazon, because a hunter-gatherer needs about 250 watts. With the rise of civilization and technology, the modern middle-class man in… Simone Schoutens

The third exhibition in the New Order series is by graphic designers Femke Herregraven and Chris Lee, who developed the life-size, real-time board game Energy Battlefield. In this game, participants have to make political and economic decisions in a world that has an overload of energy. What will the future look like afterwards?


Bezoekers spelen Energy Battlefield - Picture taken during the opening of Energy Battlefield, the third installment of the New Order exhibition at Mediamatic Fabriek, Oostenburgereiland Amsterdam. At the opening of Energy Battlefield. New Order, 23 maart 2011, Mediamatic Fabriek Simone Schoutens

With: Rory Hyde

Mind Igloo is the fourth installation that opens in the New Order exhibition. The Mind Igloo by DUS Architecten recycles two hot air balloons into a sort of huge igloo. Breathing like a liveable long, this installation showcases adaptive architecture.


Entrance to Mind Igloo - Picture taken during the opening of Mind Igloo, the fourth installment of the New Order exhibition at Mediamatic Fabriek. Oostenburgereiland, Amsterdam. At the opening of Mind Igloo. At the opening of Mind Igloo. New Order, 6 april 2012, Mediamatic Fabriek DUS architecten

The fifth and last installation of the New Order exhibition is created by architect Liam Young from London. He researches a future scenario in which birds monitor the air. Once, mine workers worked together with chirping kanaries. A change in their singing warned for a dangerous gas leak. Birds are living in the Mediamatic Factory, functioning as an ecological warning system. They provide audible feedback on the state of the atmosphere.


In the Singing Sentinels installation - Picture taken during the opening of New Order 5: Singing Sentinels and Camera Futura. Mediamatic Fabriek, Oostenburgereiland Amsterdam. At the opening of New Order 5. At the opening of New Order 5. At the opening of New Order 5. 27 april 2012: Singing Sentinels and Camera Futura made up the fifth installment of the New Order exhibition. Mediamatic Fabriek, Oostenburgereiland Amsterdam. April - juli 2012. I Simone Schoutens

Onion Party

The Netherlands face a surplus of onions. To prevent them from rotting or being thrown away, Mediamatic saved a quarter million onions from farmer Jo Flans (Texel). During the Onion Party from March 30 till April 1 people can get as many onions as they want, for free!


30-03-2012 visitors collecting unions - Uien Feest - Free onions at the Onion Festival. 30 March - 1 April 2011 30 March - 1 April 2012. The Netherlands has a large surplus of onions. To prevent them from rotting or being thrown away, Mediamatic saves a quarter of a million onions from Texel farmer Jo Flens. In the weekend from 30 March to 1 April you could pick up unlimited free onions at the VOC quay at the Onion Festival.  Simone Schoutens


From April 2012 onwards, Mediamatic starts experimenting with sustainable urban agriculture in the Mediamatic Factory. For whoever was interested, we organised weekly building sessions, in which the first aquaponics towers were build. In this way we will gain more and more knowledge about the aquaponics system and we can start teaching other people how to build them.


Sterre and HsienYu assembling the mobile 4-beds aquaponic system - MM Aquaponics 1st builing weekend Day1 Nadine Hottenrott

In the first aquaponics weekend on April 14 and 15 we build a small system and a bigger 4-bed system.


Adding Clay Pebbles to our first grow bed - During the first building weekend we set up a small system (nr.1) and a bigger 4-bed system with sump tanks (nr.2). Here we are pouring the grow medium into nr.1 14 en 15 april 2012 Willem Velthoven

Mediamatic's Aquaponics High Density Edifice is exhibited during the Food & Architecture Fair on June 22, organised by Arcam at Architecture day. It is also part of the Premsela exhibition "De Etende Mens", in Designhuis Eindhoven.


24-06-2012 High Density 4-storey Aquaponics Edifice at Food & Architecture Fair - The Food & Architecture Fair, organized by Arcam, took place at the Food Center in Amsterdam on June 24th, the Day of the Architecture. Mediamatics Aquaponics High Density Edifice was exhibited at the Food & Architecture Fair. Vertical urban fish and veggie farm.

In the Diesel Canteen of the exhibition De Etende Mens in Designhuis Eindhoven João Negro processes old frying oil into soap and biodiesel. The soap gets perfumed with herbs from the aquaponics farm. You wash your hands with it before cooking and eating and after you take a shit. The biodiesel is used to warm up the kitchen where we prepare snacks from our aquaponics fish and vegetables. The Diesel Canteen is an eatery that is about recycling in your neighborhood.


29-06-2012 De Diesel Kantine - At the opening of De Etende Mens (2012) in the Designhuis in Eindhoven, João Negro processes old deep-frying fat (local fat) into soap and biodiesel. The soap is perfumed with herbs from the aquaponics culture. You wash your hands with it before eating and cooking and after defecating. The biodiesel is used to heat the kitchen where we make snacks from home-grown aquaponics fish and home-grown aquaponics vegetables. It is an eatery that runs in cycle with the neighborhood. The energy comes from… Simone Schoutens

Ignite Amsterdam

Scientists, designers and artists get on stage during Ignite Amsterdam 17 in April 2012. From intimate subjects, illustrations and a new hacking space in Amsterdam to scientific research into a new generation of solar cells.


Visitors chat at Ignite Amsterdam 17 - This picture was made during a break at Ignite Amsterdam 17. Simone Schoutens

Freedom Dinner

Maarten Baas designed a tablecloth with 780.559 names on it for our Freedom Dinner. People could try to find their own name on the tablecloth that was 60 meters long, presented in the Mediamatic Factory. On mei 5 we celebrate our freedom to eat together and enjoy a performance by The Don't Touch My Croque-Monsieurs in the Mind Igloo.


Vrijheidsdiner - Een lange tafel met het vrijheidskleed van Maarten Baas in de Mediamatic FABRIEK in Amsterdam. Jans Possel

WatSpinoza? in Turkey

WatSpinoza encourages public discussion by asking questions, based on the ideas of the Dutch philosopher Spinoza. The sixteen questions, translated into Turkish, are distributed around the university campus of Kocaeli in Turkey and in Amsterdam. You can respond to the questions online.


Spinoza in de stad - Onderdeel van het WatSpinoza? project in Turkije. Foto genomen op de Weteringschans in Amsterdam. 21 mei 2012 Simone Schoutens

This year the subject for the international philosophy conference (May 21 - 23)) at the University of Spinoza is the Dutch philosopher Spinoza. During the conference, mayor van der Laan will give a speech about Spinoza's role in the social development of Amsterdam. WatSpinoza is a project of Mediamatic.


WatSpinoza? in Turkije - Posters van het WatSpinoza? project in Turkije. 21 - 23 mei, Kocaeli