1 Jan 2005

Description Workshops Interactive Narration

Day-by-Day Outline of the Workshop

What are the different issues covered in the workshop on Interactive Narration?


Participant during workshop Interactive Narration -


//Day 1. Goal:// Presenting the outline of the workshop.


-the theme: non linear storytelling from the participants' discipline.

-the participants.

-the coaches.

-the Korsakow System

-the material

At the end of the day participants will be asked to state their interests and presumptions on interactive narration. We will look into the possibilities and questions that come up.

Day 2. Goal:// Rough outline of the project, learning to use the Korsakow System//, preselection of material.

The participants reevaluate and discuss their presumptions. The rest of the day they will practice using the Korsakow System. They will do this individually or in groups, each with a technical assistant. They will study the material closely from their personal points of departure and then select the material they want to use. Later on there will be a central discussion of the participants' project concepts.

NB. A project can be anything from conceptual research to a complete interactive narrative.

//Day 3. Goal:// Participants will work on their projects.

After that there will be a central discussion. The coaches will select an important aspect of a project to discuss together.

//Day 4. Goal:// as day 3.

//Day 5. Goal:// Finishing the projects.

Internal presentation of the projects and evaluation of the results of the workshop. The different projects will be discussed, what was successful, special or interesting and what failed. The participants will make a selection that will be shown to an audience at the final presentation and choose the subjects that will be discussed in public.

On the evening of day 6:

Final presentation of the workshop results.


Presentation at Interactive Narration workshop -