Over Datum Eetclub 10

Eye candy with Sascha Landshoff

1 Jan 2011

The tenth Over Datum Eetclub was an evening full of surprises. Chef Sascha Landshoff came, saw and conquered our over datum food, creating a super four-course dinner. We also had a special treat when it came to the view. Special projections were shown on screens of this ODE.


Dinner time - Aan tafel bij Over Datum Eetclub 10 Anna Meijer, Govert de Jong

The Dinner

After all the expired products were sorted, washed and cut we all took our seats at the large tables in the Mediamatic Bank. We started with different sorts of bruschetta’s and old old cheese. Then we had a spicy broccoli soup, pesto pasta and a salad. As dessert we could enjoy a beautifully made up chocolate mousse garnished with white chocolate and mandarins.

Khadafi and pasta sauce

This evening our guests brought the most amazing expired products. Coffee from 1996, exotic chinese herbs and salmon that still tasted really good. Besides being a cook, Sascha is also a photographer, and together with colleague photographer Philip he made the concept to link expired products to news photo’s. The products that were projected onto the screens were combined with images from a news database. The thing that connected both images was the expiration date; Khadafi next to hot pasta sauce, Wouter Bos and pie pastry.In this manner they tried to give a little more attention to the actual expiration date and gave us food for discussion at the tables.


Different sorts of salads and breads at ODE 10 - Govert de Jong


Sascha Landshoff at ODE 10 - Govert de Jong


Broccoli soup at ODE 10 - Govert de Jong

More information

Over Datum Eetclub tooks place at Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68 Amsterdam.

Special Thanks To...

Marqt - Utrechtsestraat, Organic Food For You - Vijzelstraat, Oliodiolivo, Ekodis Beukenplein.


Free Products: Peijnenburg Ontbijtkoek - Gevonden op de website van Sascha Landshoff. ‘‘In tijden van crisis moet men creatief zijn. Als een echte Nederlander ging ik opzoek naar de gratis producten die in ons land verkrijgbaar zijn. Langzaam raakte ik verdwaald in de fictieve wereld van de beste koop, de eenmalige aanbieding en de gelukkige winnaar.’’ Sascha Landshoff

Video performance by Philip Schuette at Over Datum Eetclub 10 at Mediamatic. During the course of the evening, Philip took photographs of food that was
brought in by our guests and matched the food's expiry date with a news image from an online database that was taken on the same day. This process created visual parallels between food and politics. By: Philip Schuette

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