Schommelclub Party: Push Me Tender

Flirt, dance and play

18 Feb 2012

We celebrated the closing of the Schommelclub with a weekend of partying. Costumes and cotton candy with the whole family on Sunday, but first a performance on Saturday afternoon, and some serious flirting and dancing during Push Me Tender in the evening. Calling all lovers, loners, and globetrotting hepcats - we've had two live bands, an analogue veejay, swingers dating, and an oyster bar.


Gekleurde muren bij de Schommelclub - Projecting colors and figures on the wall at Schommelclub Feest: Push me tender. 18 februari 2011 Hanneke Lenders


Because these cold nights are just simply too chilly to spend alone, we've invited two duo's to perform. Johann (aka Fyoelk) and Hannah (aka Moemlien) are Cotopaxi and improvise with found objects and acoustic instruments. Rik Mölhlmann and Gijs Deddens of Vakantie play live electronic synthesizer music. In between acts deejay Groener Gras provided us with plenty of nice tunes, and analogue veejay Margarita Osipian served up some visual treats. An evening of new music, surreal swinging, and experimental dating.

More information

Doors open at 21.30 and close around 01.00. Entrance is free for Mediamatic and Subbacultcha members. Non-members pay a small fee of € 5,-. The Van Gendthallen are situated on the Oostenburgereiland. North of the zoo (Artis) and south of the KNSM-eiland. Visit this page for directions.

Note: It's cold at the Schommelclub. Wear warm clothes.