Beauty Parlour #02

Mirror, Scenario & Mask - views of he - you - me

Beauty Parlour #02: About Self Representation - he you me

24 Jan 2008
24 Jan 2008

This Beauty Parlour was the second public meeting in preparation of ikikik! (mememe!). ikikik! was an exhibition about self-representation on the internet, that started in July 2008.

This time it was up to Viola van Alphen, Mattias Duyves, Marco Ugolini and Katja Novitskova to each present a short presentations on the subject.


Mirror, Scenario & Mask - views of he - you - me -

The Programme

Several short lectures and discussions were held during the evening on the subject of the following questions.

-Are we creating socially accepted profiles and images of ourselves? Am I still myself when I try to represent myself professionally, also on the internet?

-What exactly is self representation?

-How do I present myself in interaction with others? How do I see myself?

-What is the development of the Me?

-When creating a profile or when we think of ourselves in real life, do we see ourselves first as he, as you and then as me?


Mattias Duyves

Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam - (International school for Humanities & Social Sciences) discussed the questions above and also further more:

- He You Me
- mirror, scenario and mask
- Dorian Gray and Narcissus
For more information on his work, please visit this website

Katja Novitskova

showed elements of self-representation online with numerous examples (from profiles to chat to anything) and then discussed its connection to self-representation offline (hair, clothes, make-up, body language, speech etc) to see where the two meet, what is good and bad online-offline fashion, what is the function of subcultures.

Marco Ugolini

Student at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.