Self Representation is a two way system

Beauty Parlour #03: About Self Representation

31 Jan 2008
31 Jan 2008

The third public meeting in preparation of an exhibition about self-representation on the net, that kicked off in July 2008.

Niels van Doorn, PhD student en junior lecturer criticized self representation on the internet. His claim is that you're not totally in control of your own representation online. At social networking sites, one can leave comments that influence other profiles. When disabling the comment-option, this can be suspicious, what does this person have to hide?


Self Representation is a two way system -

A social networking site works two ways, is dynamic and profiles can be changed by the influence of your network. So people start creating a second profile, using a nickname. One profile for your employer and one to be free and informal. A new form of schizophrenia emerges: new spaces arise, each one for a different identity.

Pimping profiles leads to a competitive culture. Parodies on these sites are over-pimped and almost unreadable: a social comment using design. Does pimping also play on the selfesteem?

To sum up: social network sites are not a one way presentation of yourself on the internet, but are two way systems.

Phil & Nick, students at the Rietveld Art Academy talked about their project: Multi.Inter.Ation. (Multiple Internet Ambiguations)

Ones identity no longer has to exist within the material paradigm, but can be expanded to encompass online existence — an incorporeal fabrication that can be disconnected from any physical actuality. It is now possible to disappear, to be reborn, to renew oneself whenever one desires; and as the internet expands and becomes the dominant source of human interaction, so these new personalities gain credence and significance.

Katja Novitskova showed elements of self-representation online considering youtube phenomena on YouTube

Examples from YouTube:
Tina singing Backstreet boys:
a speed version:
Leave Britney Alone fan
Spongebob version:

and every one of these YouTubes sprawned many parodies...