Rotterdam organization for the production of experimental video and sound


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We organize concerts, film screenings, workshops, master classes, festivals, exchanges and other events. Besides all this, we have a film workshop, a sound studio, a shop and an ultra fast digital platform (WORM.station). We stimulate and support several productions and products such as Dutch programmes on Dutch festivals and abroad plus a variety of media publications.


We are active on the borderline of highbrow and lowbrow, popular and classical, new and old, analogue and digital, rancid and civilized: from idea to presentation or publication.


We love to hear and see interesting music and good films; music and films where good ideas, new techniques and surprising approaches predominate. Due to the stifling influence of concert promoters and film distributors, the supply is rather limited with the result that we are bored stiff.


dada, punk, situationism, cinema direct, trash, film noir, burroughs, beat, schönberg, beefheart, free jazz, sun ra, do it yourself, minimalism, duchamp, neue welle, schwitters, expanded cinema, vanderbeek, jodorovski, mexican surrealism, manga, retrodub, abstract hiphop, tappazukie, harry smith, debord, raaijmakers, varèse, fluxus, musique concrète, zero, nul, maximalim, plunderphonics, piepknor, clicks n cuts, bebop, the shaggs, der plan, residents, techno, stockhausen, baudelaire, the slits, aphex twin, ligeti, soft machine, coltrane, faust, can, dali, cruyff, wim t. schippers, kloos, monteverdi, kagel, de autonomen, de kewi's, minimalism, ultra's, west coast pop, art school experimentations, the ex, de rondo's, velvet underground, icp, jon rose, eugene chadbourne, otomo yoshihide, recommended records, jean genet, maya deren

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