Go play with your tag!

Mediamatic showed great new RFID tools at PICNIC 07

26 Sep 2007
28 Sep 2007

During PICNIC 07 you could play with several new cultural tools using RFID. Ten new RFID prototypes were developed during the Mediamatic RFID & Physical Computing Hackers Camp that started on 22 September. The RFID prototypes use the opportunity of having around 2000 tagged conference guests, all linked through the online sociale network www.picnicnetwork.org.


Flyer Go Play with you tag! - Kristine Larsson, Michel Langendijk

With the tag visitors can make new contacts when using the Connection Cushion, the Conversational Spinner and Friend Drink Stations, or by jointly using the Photo Booth. The friendships and photographs are directly published on the PICNIC website. Other RFID projects are the iTea, the Badger, the Mood poll, Racket reader and more.

Also at PICNIC 07: The Girlfriend Experience, Back Online! a 3-day reprise of the successful project by Martin Butler and Mediamatic.

Location: Westergasfabriek, Extraction Hall East en the Mirror Tent, Amsterdam (check www.picnicnetwork.org)

This project was made possible thanks to the support of the MEDIA PLUS PROGRAMME.