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Final Presentation of Interactive Political Film Prototypes

2 December 2005

2 Dec 2005

An open session in which the prototypes made during the Mediamatic Interactive Political Film Workshop was presented. Participants used the Korsakow System to create straightforward interactive documentaries, especially ones that relate to subjects such as terrorism and the media handling thereof, propaganga, agitprop and the filmic manifesto.


Interactive Political Film Prototype Presentation - Mediamatic workshop at IDFA 2005 photo by Bea Correa

On the 2nd of December some participants of the Mediamatic Interactive Political Film workshop presented the projects they have made during the workshop at the IDFA Festival.

The workshop focuses on the possibilities of (online) interactive film to deliver political messages, to make cinematic issue spaces, and to generate dialogue between the film and its player. Interactive film offers powerful means to discuss and influence political attitudes and convictions. It also has great potential to represent complex issues in clear multilinear forms.

In order to build a prototype of their interacitive political film, the participants used the Korsakow system, a multimedia editing tool developed by Florian Thalhofer. On the last day the five best productions were be chosen by Florian and other workshop mentors to be presented to the IDFA audience.

These workshop projects were shown in the auditorium of the NFTA
(Netherlands Film and Television Academy), Markenplein 1, Amsterdam.

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