Cook the Kitchen

1st. & 2nd. year students from Rietveld designLAB

16 Dec 2016

Earlier in September, 20 designLAB Students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy occupied Mediamatic to “Cook the Kitchen.” This 4-day workshop consisted out of cooking materials and concepts for the kitchen with the use of kitchen equipment and techniques. Materials were cooked and formed in ovens and new processes were developed using kitchen tools. Since then the students have developed their initial ideas. During the course of this evening they present their recipes, tutorials and material samples in the format of a cooking show.

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Materialisation - Cook the Kitchen - As part of Cook the Kitchen by designLAB


designLAB is the ideal place for bold dreamers, independent researchers and dedicated inventors. This is the department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in which collective and individual research is done on the opportunities that the eclectic profession has to offer designers and makers. The work produced in the designLAB features humour, fantasy and realism. It is the result of trial and error and the end result may even sometimes surprise the makers themselves. This workshop is lead by Cathelijne Montens, Krijn Christiaansen and Marjan van Aubel


Jonas Hejduk, Pauline Rip, Jelle van Houten Léon Bloch, Nicolas Rotta, Marie-Louise Schmidlin, Patrycja Beliniak, Puck van Donselaar, Sien van Look, Tjacco Bakker , Alexander van Bakel, Irina Djojoatmodjo, William Eckerstein, Marit Heinen, Margherita Soldati, Alice Sprascio, Jamillah, Asefeh Tayebani, Dinara Vasilevskaia, Rosita Kaer

designLAB is headed by: Jeroen Kramer


Salted cosmetics - By Margherita Soldati for Cook the Kitchen Margherita Soldati (IT)


Cook the Kitchen

Friday 16 December, 17.00 -19.00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Free Admission