Caspar Menkman

Light Painting

Dev Camp Day 2

Graffiti is too permanent. Maybe even more important is the fact that the Dutch police does not take kindly to street artists. Painting with light is a very is fluid solution to this problem as it fades away over time.


Dirk explains the Wow! - Dirk explains the great invention of the wheel. Robert Keil

The project is centered around a camera and a projector that sit side by side targeted at a white screen thats plastered over a window. When someone on the other side of the window places a light emitting object (flashlight, mobile phone) against the screen this will be see-able by the camera. The recording will then be processed and projected on the screen in front of the user. When he moves his light emitting object the light marks will remain in place for 10-15 seconds and after this they will slowly fade out.