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Dev Camp Day 3

After 6 posts that were not project centered it might be wise to see how our participants are doing. In this post I will briefly inform you how the day is going and if they encountered any major difficulties.

Dirk is busy trying to get the visual analysis software running. He is slowly yet steadily making progress. Only after this is done can they start building the interface and the connection to the anyMeta system.


write on wall - Robert Keil

A lot of screaming and testing is being done just a mere 3 meters from me. Also most of the installation has been built by our two great carpenters. Ralph and Ernst are busy coding their ears of and Kjen is making a volume meter out of LEDs. They are making great progress!


Sketch of ikScream Ear -

Biting Radio
Working all on their separate area of expertise things are looking up. Nadya is doing the electronic stuff making inducers out of copper thread and connecting them with the radio. Dana is in charge of the carpentering and build a nice looking frame while J-B is doing the coding and finally connecting their installation to anyMeta.


chewing on the hardware -

Interactive VJ
The team is looking for a social component to strengthen their project. Also they are busy researching the possibilities to add a SMS-funtion to their project. The mapping of the paths that the glowsticks travel during an event is almost sorted there is only an issue with the signal strength that is transmitted by the infrared lights mounted on the LED wands. A lot of work to do!


light -

Blow my Sock On!
They already have managed to hook up the sock knitting machine to the Arduino. And if everything goes according to plan they should be able to power it up through blowing on the sensor. This leaves the ambitious alcohol induced coloring process for the next 2 days.


dev camp day 2 -

The main areas of attention are currently on the visual recognition software that should capture the moment of blinking and the communication between the different media in the system. The team is also re-evaluating the moment that is worth capturing. Through tests they want to find out which bit shows the best/most emotion.


18-11-2010 ikStaar installation - Dev Camp ’10 - Luis and Seth are staring on each other, the ikStaar installation can measure who looses the eye contact first. The ikStaar was developed during Dev Camp 2010 at Mediamatic Bank, Amsterdam. The glue with the blue glasses is Luis, one of the developers. Sensor Fest, 23 t/m 25 november 2010. This year's theme is 'IkSentric' design. The idea is to measure human behavior and human 'output'. Think along the lines of bio-mapping, or measuring weight and length. But we can go a bit deeper as well, and… Robert Keil

multithreaded banjo dinosaur knitting adventure 2D Extreme
The firmware of the knitting machine is giving the team a bit of trouble. Even though they have the computer giving the machine input it is hard to make them speak the same language. They did however manage create some patterns with the machine. I can see hope in their eyes, but a little bit fear in their voice.


Fabienne is knitting -