Printed superfood and our (in)visible membrane

Two talks about printing solar batteries and revealing our second skin

12 Mar 2014

Sonja Bäumel approaches the bacteria on her body and her environment as a second skin. She scientifically documents them and then visualises it into design. By doing that she makes this invisible world visible by using the bacteria as paint (and the petri dish as canvas), or by using them as blueprints for textiles that can communicate with the body. Marin Sawa developed an algae printer that enables you to print your own superfoods, dyes and solar batteries. She wants to introduce this new technology by reinventing existing techniques for printing so you can print your own food at home. Join us for two bio-talks and dinner.


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Entrance with a valid Mediamatic Membership (€5,- for 9 weeks). Location: Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, Van Gendthallen Amsterdam. Dinner (optional, for €5) at 19:00, the presentations start at 20:00. 

Bio Industry

This event is part of Mediamatic Bio Industry, a broad techno-cultural lab exploring the possibilities of fungal material and other bio-based materials for design, science and art. Scientist, artists, designers, architects and the public, will investigate how to make use of the promising characteristics of mycelium – the plastic of the 21st century.

Mediamatic Bio Industry is made possible by the DOEN foundation and the Mondriaan Fund.